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You’ve made it through multiple seasons together, maybe traveled the country and world together, and more than likely cozied up on Sunday mornings planning your futures. A title doesn’t change your relationship, but it means  new adventures with new milestones. So let's show the world and celebrate your love in any form that comes in!



Engagement Packages

Trekking through the mountains, lounging at a lakeside cabin, walking through your favorite park, or even enjoying a cup of coffee at the cafe where you met your significant other; no concept is too big or too small. It is my job to show your honest, authentic, and unscripted love story.

Investment: Customized Experiences range between $400 to $800

↠ Choice of locations or recommendations from me

↠ Optional outfit changes

↠ Planning and Preparation Support

↠ Sneak Peek photos in 48 hours

↠ Online Photo Gallery

↠ Unlimited High Resolution Downloadable Photos

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