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Washington Coast Antique Wedding

The Gaffney's knew immediately that the Tokeland Hotel was a must have venue for their intimate wedding on the Washington coast. They were drawn to the hotel's uniquely quirky antique collections and well-loved interior that made the venue feel warm and inviting. Using tons of colorful flowers, candles, and taking advantage of the incredible driftwood arch for their ceremony, the bright sunny day made this summer wedding absolutely pop with imaginative color.

The Tokeland Hotel & Wedding Day Details

As one of the oldest hotels in Washington State, the Tokeland Hotel embodies the charm and warmth you'd only expect from such a unique location. With the ocean just across the road to it's west and mountains to it's east the picturesque views that surround this hotel are a PNW dream! It is perfect for folks who want a place to stay on venue, as well as rooms for their entire family & guests.

With so many amazing antique collections, nicknacks, and a fully furnished hotel lobby, this is a space that really doesn't need to be heavily decorated with florals or props. For the Gaffney's they chose to incorporate small table flowers on each indoor table and a beautiful draping floral arrangement from the rustic chandelier. As you can tell the warm tones of the wood allowed the bright, wildflower-like colors of the flowers to pop.

The same colorful arrangements were included for the groom's boutonniere, the bride's bouquet and in two matching potted vases at the base of their driftwood arch. It really goes to show that big, bold colors can still feel intentional and minimal when given the opportunity to shine on their own!

The Reception & Afterparty

In case I havn't given you enough of a reason to start thinking about the Tokeland Hotel as your wedding venue of choice, then you should also consider that the dinners and desserts are all done in house! Heather had been a local chef in Seattle for several years before moving out to Tokeland full time to focus on her restaurant "The Wandering Goose". Her menu features seasonal veggies, the best buttermilk biscuits, and overall some of the most amazing comfort food you've probably been craving.

While The Gaffney's were not big "cake people", they were absolutely thrilled when the hotel offered a build-your-own Ice Cream Sunday bar! There was ever topping you could think of, from fresh fudge to salty chips.

Outback near where the families had dinner, there were tons of lawn games, a fire to stay warm and watch the sunset by, and of course a dance floor to share their first moments as a married couple together.

Of course none of this could have been possible without the guidance and support from all of these amazing vendors!

Photography: Alesha (that's me) - Rove Coast Photography

Wedding Planner & DOC: Jake - Functions & Gatherings

Venue & Food: The Tokeland Hotel

Looking for advice on how to plan a wedding that is family focused and makes your wedding feel like the ultimate weekend getaway? Reach out and I'd be happy to start planning with you!




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