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Questions and Answers

Do we have to be engaged to book a session?

Absolutely not! These are for all kinds of couples If you're engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or just looking for fun photos to share with each other.

What if the weather isn't looking so good?

I don't like to rely on bad weather to stop a great session because usually it's the weirdest days of weather that turn into the best photos! However, if it is going to be pouring endlessly or unsafe to travel then we will reschedule your session with no extra charge. But we won't make that call until the day before your scheduled session.

What should we wear for an engagement?

There is absolutely no wrong outfit! These sessions are for you to show what honestly represents your relationship. If you want to wear matching overalls or your favorite tie dye shirts then go for it! Otherwise sticking with neutral tones and colors is the way to go!

How much planning help do you provide?

I want to provide as much support as possible to make your wedding the best! I will offer time frames, check lists, and questionnaires so when the day comes around I know exactly what to expect.

What if our wedding needs to be rescheduled or cancelled?

This is especially important to consider now a days when you really cannot be certain if your wedding needs to be postponed do to weather, unexpected life events, or government mandates. You are guaranteed a wedding day reschedule at no additional cost, as long as your retainer is in place! After this a new retainer will need to be added to any additional reschedule. For cancelled weddings the 25% retainer can not be returned, but you will not be charged for the full wedding day.

When can we expect our wedding photos?

You can expect your wedding photos ready to view on an online gallery up to 6-8 weeks after your wedding day! And maybe some sneak peek photos the day after ;)

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