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4 Ways to Include Your Cats at Your Wedding

For many cat lovers, their furry friends are a big part of their lives and family. So why not include them in one of the most important days of your life - your wedding day! Here are four ways to include your cats at your wedding:

1. Cat-Inspired Decorations:

Incorporating cat-inspired decorations into your wedding is a great way to include your feline family in your big day, if they can’t attend in person of course. You could have cat-shaped place cards, cat-themed table centerpieces, or even custom-made cat cake toppers. (Here are some on Etsy!)

My couples have even made stirring sticks with their pets faces and included little paw prints on their wedding note mailbox! Guests could write little notes to the couple and leave them in the mailbox for future reminiscing. Another couple designed a display for their cat with the text "In honor of those who could not be with us today" surrounded by some of the cutest cat photos.

2. Include Your Cat in Your Wedding Party:

If you can't bear the thought of being without your furry friend on your wedding day, why not include them as a member of your wedding party? Your cat could be your maid of honor, best man, or even a flower cat. They could wear a cute little outfit or collar that matches your wedding color scheme or theme. This is a great idea if you’re getting married in your backyard or celebrating with your wedding party in your home!

3. Bring Your Cat into Your Wedding Stationery:

Your cat is a big part of your life, so why not include them in the design of your wedding invitations, programs, and other stationery? You could incorporate your cat's name or even include a picture of them on your save the date or wedding invitation. This is a great way to make your wedding stationery unique and personal.

4. Cat-Themed Wedding Favors:

Your guests will love receiving a wedding favor that reminds them of your furry friend. You could give out cat-shaped cookies, catnip toys, or even personalized cat tattoo stickers, which is what Ester & Courtney did! It was a fun and silly way to include their cats in the wedding so that everyone could enjoy.

Don't settle for a wedding without your whole family! Including your cats in your wedding day design details is a great way to make your special day even more unique and personal. Whether it's through decorations, stationery, or wedding favors, your furry friend can be a part of your big day in a meaningful way. So go ahead, show your love for your cats, and make your wedding day purr-fect…!




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