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Seattle's Best LGBTQ+ Wedding Venues

treehouse cottage in the forest with overlaying rainbow text saying "Best LGBTQ+ Wedding Venues"

Seattle is an absolutely stunning place to get married, from historic landmarks to contemporary venues, you can find a variety of wedding venues that cater to all styles, themes and budgets.

But not all venues share and support their couples the same. That's why, after touring and interviewing, we have created a list of the best LGBTQ+ Wedding venues in the greater Seattle area for you!

Why You Should Trust Us


Alesha Brown with Rove Coast Photography and Cindy Savage, a wedding planner at Aisle Less Traveled, are queer vendors working full time in the wedding industry! This means we've navigated the industry spaces for you and are well acquainted with vendors who share your values for inclusiveness and diversity.

It has been a goal of ours to create an ever-growing list of the best LGBTQ+ affirming wedding venues in Seattle for our clients; and everyone looking for a space to celebrate their love without question. We want you to be absolutely certain that your venue will go above and beyond to value, showcase, and support your wedding day.

Navigating the industry and finding your dream vendor team can feel overwhelming sometimes... You find one venue but are told they don't condone LGBTQ+ ceremonies. You find other, but don't see any queer representation on their website. You keep looking, only to find more heteronormative trends overflowing into your search... it is DRAINING! We want to save your time and emotional energy, so we have put in the work, visiting venues and collecting interviews to find the best of the best.

 We understand that not all weddings look the same. And we don't want them to! That's why this collection of the Best LGBTQ+ Wedding venues has something for every relationship.

How We Picked


Every venue on our list has passed, with rainbow colors, our requirements for being considered a queer affirming space for our couples. This includes:

  1. Enthusiastic venue partners who show consistent dedication, growth & inclusivity for their LGBTQ+ clients.

  2. Using gender inclusive language in all of their contracts and inquiry forms.

  3. Gender neutral bathrooms available or interchangeable restroom signs to serve any and all guests.

  4. The inclusion of additional queer vendors on their referral lists for their couples still in need of creating their vendor day-of teams.

After collecting online interviews with venues we narrowed our search down to the following venues and set up in-person tours with each one. Navigating the grounds, chatting with the venue coordinators and taking pictures of every space; we wanted to make sure our experience would be no different than yours when touring potential venues.

Our Top Picks


The Lodge at St. Edward Park

Capacity: 120

This Washington State Park venue is located in the greater Seattle area of Kirkland, WA and feels like it's own little luxury oasis. The Hotel is surrounded by beautiful hiking trails, picnic areas, and a vast lawn for outdoor enjoyment with friends and family. It is the perfect staycation when you want to be close to your home in Seattle, but dream of a little more forest magic! The ceremony site can be pretty much anywhere on the property, but most hold their vows in the secluded green grotto just a few hundred feet from the lodge itself. Keep in mind that this is a public park, so while your ceremony and reception will be private, the grounds themselves may have other folks enjoying the park on beautiful days.

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

"Not only is The Lodge a stunning venue set in the St. Edward State Park, our hotel is accommodating and approachable. Our diverse staff make for a welcoming and safe environment to celebrate love!"

"We love personalizing the wedding day experience to each couple; we are not  a copy and paste venue. No ideas are out of limits and are open to all backgrounds/traditions."

Lodging on site / Room blocks for guests / Indoor & Outdoor spaces / In-house Catering

Treehouse Point

Capacity: 80

Treehouse in the forest! Need I say more? Just a short 30-minute drive to the east of the city you can be surrounded by giant trees...and also sleep in those trees! Our tour winded us through well maintained forest trails; as we looked up at the stunning cabins lofted above us we could picture an epic wedding here. Whether you're privately eloping or having an intimate gathering, Treehouse Point can accommodate for anything. You can even tell in their reviews online that the queer community absolutely adores this hidden gem as a venue.

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

"Treehouse Point is an exceptional wedding venue that stands out for its inclusivity and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for LGBTQ+ weddings. The enchanting treehouse setting fosters an intimate and unique ambiance, allowing couples to celebrate their love in a magical environment that transcends traditional norms. The venue's commitment to diversity and acceptance ensures that every couple feels celebrated and supported on their special day. With a staff dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space, Treehouse Point embraces the diversity of love and provides a picturesque backdrop for LGBTQ+ couples to exchange vows and create lasting memories."

"This extraordinary combination of natural beauty and architectural wonder provides an intimate and enchanting setting for weddings, creating an unforgettable experience that sets Treehouse Point apart as a truly magical destination for celebrating love."

Lodging on site for couple & up to 17 guests / Covered Space for Reception

Parties on the Terrace

Woman-owned / Capacity: 120

Designed by the owners who live on the property, this venue is your quintessential garden escape! Every aspect of the landscape is so well maintained that I couldn’t find a single bad angle when photographing. The lush greenery when you first enter transforms into winding paved trails through the back forest where you can find even more nooks to explore or take a break and nestle in by the fire pit.

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

"We focus on creating a warm and inviting space for all marriers, their families, and guests.  We acknowledge and embrace that our clients are looking for a safe environment where they can formalize and celebrate their nuptials. We use gender neutral language in our correspondence and don't assume the gender of a future spouse when we haven't met them yet.  Our restrooms do not have gender signage and our prep suite decor is neutral, allowing anyone to feel comfortable on their big day."

Covered Space for Reception (if needed) / 13 hour rental (Rental drop-off Friday, Pickup Monday)

Twin Willow Gardens

Woman-owned / Capacity: 150

When first touring at Twin Willow Gardens you will most likely be blown away by how stunning the large wooden arch is on their property. It beams up higher than your standard arches and is embraced by all of the old growth trees that create the perfect nestled in ceremony site. And then as you tour the gardens you'll fall even more in love with the property and all it offers!

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings?

We offer everything gender neutral from our getting ready areas to restrooms to signage. Everyone is welcome here & we want you to relax & enjoy our property knowing you are loved.

Unique Ceremony Arch / Large Venue Capacity / Tent Covered Reception

Novelty Hill - Januik Winery

Woman-owned / Capacity: Indoors: 100 (plated), 120 (buffet), Outdoors: 150 (buffet)

Novelty Hill Januik is not only a venue, but they are also the culinary and events team working with the you to create your wedding day! That means they can help cover many items that you would typically have to outsource or rent day of, like tables, chairs, silverware, plate ware, glassware, & white linen. Novelty Hill and Januik are two independent wineries that share this state-of-the-art winery in Woodinville, so you know the wine selection will be absolutely incredible for you and your guests. When touring this venue we were blown away by how many different spaces there were to explore. Everything is so well connected while also feeling like you can find something knew at every turn!

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

"At Novelty Hill Januik winery, we love celebrating couples and their love.  We strive to ensure that our couples' vision is brought to life and everyone is comfortable & having a wonderful time during your special day."

Large Venue Capacity / In-House Catering & Wines / Large Getting Ready Spaces

Imperia Lake Union

LGBTQ-owned, woman-owned / Capacity: 180

A venue that shouts roaring twenties with it's incredible art-deco designs, candle-lit reception space, and not to mention their impressive 10 foot chandeliers (yes plural!) that hang over the ceremony and dinner space. If elegance and black-tie is your vibe than you've come to the right place! The owners are always finding ways to improve Imperia, from unique installations to maintenance of the incredible historic structure.

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

We welcome all at Imperia! We offer non-binary green rooms, non-binary restroom signs, we use language appropriate descriptions & planning tools, and we like to have fun!...The owners love this historic building and work hard to maintain it's beauty. We also just LOVE weddings.

Indoor & Outdoor Ceremony / In-House Catering & Florals / Large Venue Capacity

Seattle Aquarium

Capacity: 200

A space you probably think back fondly on for school trips or when you want to play tourist in your own city! The Seattle Aquarium is one of the most unique spaces to host any celebration considering the fact you could get married in front of hundreds of fish and other wildlife that inhabit this aquarium. They are extremely flexible if you want to book just a portion of the venue or the entire aquarium, with lots of fun add on's to make your guests feel like kids again roaming the empty aquatic halls.

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

"Building and sustaining an inclusive community is one of the Seattle Aquarium’s values. One way we live that value is by creating an environment where LGBTQIA2S+ couples and their wedding guests feel welcomed and cherished.

At the Aquarium, you’ll find all-gender restrooms, flexible dressing room arrangements and signage that uses inclusive language. We provide lists of LGBTQIA2S+ friendly vendors, support customizable ceremonies to reflect each couple's unique traditions and display symbols of LGBTQIA2S+ support. The Aquarium is also equipped with accessibility features (see details at"

Large Venue Space / Indoor & Outdoor Ceremony / Access to Aquarium features

The Ruins

AAPI-owned, woman-owned / Capacity: 90

How do you even describe The Ruins? There is so much to it you should probably visit it yourself to understand all the wild and fun rooms this space offers.The Ruins is a unique and unforgettable venue that combines history, art, and architecture. The venue features a stunning ballroom, an outdoor/indoor industrial terrace with soft window light, and an eclectic collection of art and antiques.

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

"The Ruins is the perfect space for LGBTQ+ weddings and events. With a strong commitment to inclusivity and a stunning backdrop, couples can celebrate their love authentically. The Ruins' historic charm and Landmark Event Co.'s dedication to diversity create an unforgettable atmosphere where every love story is embraced and honored. From customizable options to a dedicated team, this venue ensures a celebration that reflects the unique journey of each couple, making it a sanctuary where love has no restrictions."

Fully Indoor Space / In-House Catering

The MV Skansonia

AAPI-owned, woman-owned / Capacity: 175

Floating along the northern docks of Lake Union this historic Ferry Boat-turned-venue is for couples drawn to nostalgia and an"...unparalleled combination of nautical charm, historic significance, and breathtaking views. MV Skansonia offers a truly unique setting for weddings and events. Couples are drawn to the venue's distinctive ambiance, characterized by its vintage decor, polished wood interiors, and panoramic vistas of the lake and city skyline."

As we toured this venue, I couldn’t help but feel giddy exploring all of the wrap around decks. It took me back to ferry trips to Bainbridge and the San Juans, where you're excited to be on something so open and free, taking in all the views around you! And while this ferry doesn’t leave its dock, the feeling of light-hearted adventure was just the same.

Indoor & Outdoor Spaces / View of Space Needle / Large Capacity

JM Cellars

Woman-owned / Capacity: 100

Another wine lover's paradise! JM cellars is not only know for its it's award winning wine selections, but also for it's stunning wedding venue. This space offers an elevated garden party feel with it's beautifully crafted terrace and surrounding maple trees. You'll feel tucked away in your own private winery for the day!

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

"Nestled in the trees on a 7-acre piece of property in Woodinville, JM Cellars is a quintessential PNW venue. If folks are lucky enough to have found a person that they want to spend their life with, JM Cellars is honored to get to be part of that special day.

Our property is a certified arboretum, with over 100 different types of Japanese maples, and over 400 rare conifers and pines... With so much natural beauty, folks can add their special touches to the space to make it feel like their own, without having to start from scratch."

Large Getting Ready Spaces / Indoor & Outdoor spaces / In-house Catering

Rein Fire Ranch

LGBTQ-owned / Capacity: 200

While Rein Fire Ranch may be a little bit further from the city, but it is well worth it when you realize how much space you have on this property! Mountains surround you on all sides and a beautifully landscaped garden-meets-ranch that is blooming with flowers and pnw trees. You can even peep at some horses and chickens on the property, but not to worry they won't be running through your ceremony. Not only is the outdoor gardens spacious, but the indoor barn offers a huge flat floor layout you can customize for your reception!

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

It is always a safe place. All our recommended partners are vetted by us personally.

Indoor & Outdoor spaces / Large Property / Farm Animals

Sole Repair Shop

AAPI-owned / Capacity: 60

If you know Seattle, then you might also know that Capitol Hill is it's "gayborhood" with a bustling nightlife and music scene. And tucked away in this vibrant quarter is a little venue called Sole Repair Shop that offers an indoor space for marriers to host their intimate ceremonies. While getting ready spaces are limited, many like to stay at the hotels with their families who travel in from out of town, or even get ready at their home and travel to the venue together! It even makes for a great reception space after a downtown elopement or night before welcome party.

Why is your venue great for LGBTQ+ folks/weddings? 

Being in the heart of Capitol Hill our space has had plenty of LGBTQ+ weddings, so we are versed in hosting them! 

In-House Catering, Staffing & Bar / Budget Friendly / Dog Friendly

What's Next?


If you and your partner are currently searching for your dream wedding venue then this list is an excellent place to start! All of these venues have been vetted by us and given the queer stamp of approval (a metaphorical but very much real stamp). From forests, to wineries, to elegant city evenings we hope that you can find one that fits your wedding day vision the best.

We fully recognize that this list is ever-growing and if there is a venue you feel meets these requirements then we are more than open to review them for consideration!

And if you want even more LGBTQ+ vendor recommendations (coming from a queer photographer) send an inquiry on over.




Hello I'm Alesha! Your lgbtq+ wedding & elopement photographer based in Seattle, Washington. I'm here to bring a supportive, enthusiastic, and all around easy-going energy to your wedding day! Get to know me a little bit more to see if we're a good match.

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