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Couples Style Guide for Lifestyle Photos

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

A few tips and tricks to picking the perfect outfits for your couples session - whether its for your engagement session or for your next pnw adventure shoot.

Before you dive into any of this guide it’s important to remember that this guide is meant for inspiration! You do not have to incorporate anything that doesn’t absolutely inspire you to choose an outfit. These sessions are for you to express what honestly represents your relationship. If you want to wear matching overalls or your favorite tie dye shirts you made in quarantine together, then absolutely go for it! You can make this session as laid-back or crazy as you want it to be. If you still have some questions about what to wear then hopefully this guide will make some of the decisions easier. These are just some recommendations from my experience with couples that might help if you’re feeling unsure or need some inspiration!


Matching Tones & Style

Matching tones is one of the greatest tools for coordinating an outfit. And you'll hear me constantly use it for every section!

Even if you're not huge on fashion or maybe you don't even know where to start. This is what I recommend for everyone!

Choosing a neutral color such as blue, monochrome and earth tones can make any outfit look cohesive and effortless.

The trick is to imagine you're going out with your partner on a cute date - you would maybe dress it up a bit, put on your favorite sweater, or remind your partner how much you love how they look in that one particular outfit!


Neutrals & Patterns

This one adds a little spice without creating too much distraction in the photos.

When one person wants to rock a pattern, but the other feels like keeping it neutral...then you've found the perfect pair!

Keeping things within the same color tone works the best, but the neutral and pattern combination is flexible for so many style choices.


Color Pairs Dark/Light

The easiest way to make a POWER statement as a couple is by matching.

However this really only works with black-dark tones and cream-light tones

Many of us default to all-black ensembles in the winter, when we’re cocooned in as many layers as we can comfortably wear. And I say GO FOR IT!

But it's important to remember your environment. All black works great for cityscapes or if you're ready to look like an absolute power couple. All white is perfect for summer shoots creating a light and airy feel for any session.


Color Blocking: Opposites attract

They say opposites attract, and color blocking is the literal representation of it. Based on matching opposing colors from the color wheel.

It can be as simple as wearing black vs white!

Your colors don't have to be "perfect" opposites as long as they have matching tones. Some examples...(maroon & army green, navy & burnt orange, yellow & purple) Have FUN with it!


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day your style is your own and wearing things that you LOVE will show your confidence no matter what.

You don't need to pull out anything crazy or new. It can be as easy as wearing your favorite sweater or creating an outfit around the boots you want to stomp around in.

And don't forget. We're here to capture images that represent your authentic and real stories! So be yourself and don't change anything you don't want to!



Hello I'm Alesha! Your lgbtq+ wedding & elopement photographer based in Seattle, Washington. I'm here to bring a supportive, enthusiastic, and all around easy-going energy to your wedding day! Get to know me a little bit more to see if we're a good match.

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