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Bend, Oregon: Sparks Lake and Downtown Engagement

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Nate & Jay celebrated their engagement in one of their favorite places…Bend, Oregon! We ran around in the mountain spring snow and strolled through the downtown streets. They took me to one of their favorite spots, Bend Brewing, where we got to see the sunset and enjoy a crisp bevy together.

North Bend Brewing lgbt couple

What a lucky day we had!! It was only an hour before our session together that it was not only pouring, hailing, but there were also heavy thunder storms rolling through Bend. The streets downtown ended up flooding and we almost called off the whole session! But the weather took an extraordinary turn and the sun was out and shinning for our entire engagement shoot. Starting at Sparks Lake, which is about 45 minutes from the downtown Bend area, there was still lots of fresh snow going into June!

When things were shut down across the country, Nate and Jay would take long trips to Bend to work remote and enjoy the slow, quiet, moments that the small town offered. Bend Brewing was a place they frequently walked to while they were staying in the area, so of course we had to visit and share all those memories together!! Nothing like a crisp beer to round off an amazing day of exploring!

Bend, Oregon is about a 3-4 hour drive from Portland and if you're traveling from Seattle the trip can be done in about 6 hours! There are tons of cute airbnbs and it's a great place explore if you're looking for a little nature.




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