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Queer Queen Anne Wedding at The Ruins

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Shannon & Dani crafted the most unforgettable, lively, and unique wedding that truly showed off their creative personalities and passions! Centered in the neighborhood of Queen Anne, The Ruins embodied a mix between a tuscan garden, circus ballroom, and elegant chandeliered reception hall - and let's not forget the life size replica elephant!

Queer Wedding at The Ruins with pets

Shannon and Dani's wedding day outfits were a surprise for each other. Starting the day by getting ready in separate spaces at the venue, they shared the morning with each of their close friends and family. Choosing to skip the traditions of white dresses or fitted suits, they instead went for thrifted and custom designed attire that felt unique and personal.

Shannon, being a part of a local Seattle rock band, meant including a cassette tape for guests to grab as they walked in. Inside it included all of the details for the evening, plus a movie showing at brunch the next day! For Dani, collecting moon water and a variety of stones for guests to pick from was a way for her to include some of her witchy interests. On the invitations it even had a "how to" guide on using your moon water + stones!

It was such a hit with the guests who felt like they were taking a little piece of the couple's personalities with them home to cherish.

Dani and Shannon shared a "first look" with each other before their ceremony, which offered them a space to connect, shake off any nerves, and capture some sweet moments together before preceding down the aisle.

Including a second shooter to capture the moment was KEY! We were able to get all of the angles and really tell an amazing story for their first look inside The Ruins.

Shannon and Dani chose a non-traditional approach for their ceremony entrances, having either lost parents or had parents who could not find it in themselves to support their love, another member of their chosen family accompanied them down the aisle...their sweet dogs! Zooming down the aisle, their dogs could not wait to have the attention on them and to "give away" their owners.

Their vows to each other were honest, funny and sincere - reminiscing about when they met, their support for each other during hard times, and the future they hope to share with each other.

Leading into the reception and dancing, Shannon and Dani first shared a dark and floral cake crafted by Sift & Gather. While guests enjoyed a few slices there was also the opportunity to get flash tattoos by the increadable ink_poke or have your future read by a tarro reader. Once the dinner tables were cleared everyone got to dancing and Shannon even performed with her band "Dining Dead" before their DJ got the party started!

After a full day of love, partying, tattoos, and witchy events the night ended on the dance floor. Shannon and Dani got to show off their love and passions, surrounded by their chosen family, without sacrificing any of their own values.

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