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Reimagine Your Studio Shoot - The Couples Session

It’s often assumed that having an engagement or couples session you typically head out into a beautiful field at sunset to capture an amazing experience. And yes I absolutely love these sessions! They are timeless and capture couples feeling unencumbered in their surroundings with a carefree spirit throughout the session.

But what about indoor studio sessions? I know, I know… the thought of having photos in a “studio” brings images of stuffy, forced photos in front of a bleak gray backdrop looking something like this...

Let me tell you that they do not have to be like this! Even though, who wouldn’t want your cats face looming over the two of you.


Now check out this intimate couples session and see if you're starting to rethink how you view studios!

You can have raw, sentimental, and intimate moments in a studio or home, without feeling like you’re posing for a prom picture. Indoor studios allow for creativity and a unique experience within a beautifully curated environment. You can create any experience you want (even if you are the types to always go exploring in the mountains) sometimes switching it up and having a space to be creative and slow paced together is a way to connect in a different way!

Find what fits best for you and your relationship. Are you city folk or nature folk? Or a little bit of both? You can incorporate your personalities into each session so the session doesn’t ever feel overwhelming or not creative enough for the two of you.

And once it feels like we’ve gotten great photos indoors, you can take it to the next level and head outside to capture the environment and city around you. You don’t always need to have photos showing you on an adventure or being active. You can show just as intimate of a connection indoors, whether it's your home, a studio, or at a café.




Hello I'm Alesha! Your lgbtq+ wedding & elopement photographer based in Seattle, Washington. I'm here to bring a supportive, enthusiastic, and all around easy-going energy to your wedding day! Get to know me a little bit more to see if we're a good match.

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