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Seattle Hidden Gems Elopement

There are a few spots in Seattle that locals will say are a MUST visit and with Tara & Matilda we bounded our way to some of these spots for their Seattle elopement. From Gas Work to Golden Gardens, and even hidden landmarks tucked under freeways, aka the Fremont Troll. Their thoughts were, why not make our city elopement an adventure we can always remember!

Two brides eloping in front of the Fremont Troll. One wearing a black dress and the other a pink dress.

It was important to the two marriers that the day could be entirely focused on exploring and sharing as much time with each other in the city they love! They never envisioned their wedding with a large guest count and definitely didn't want to worry about catering, timelines, or the hassle of booking a venue. So when they said they wanted to run around Seattle to create unforgettable photos with each other I immediately jumped on board!

Starting the day getting ready at a local studio (found on peerspace) meant we could have fun in a incredibly unique space. It was filled with tropical plants in every corner and surrounded by mirrors, which made for some really interesting photo angles. They each touched up their make up, wrote down their vows, and helped get the other into their wedding dresses, picked out from Brides For a Cause.

Once they were both dressed we started the first half of our adventure! It was on the couples bucket list to capture an iconic photo in front of The Fremont Troll, one of Seattle's hidden gems. Just a few feet away, before seeing the troll, there was a small moss statue of a turtle that Tara and Matilda wanted to visit. Known for being a lucky turtle, it is joined by a stone that reads, "Sprinkle water on the moss turtle and make a wish". So of course that was the first thing we had to do! Bringing so many good thoughts about their day and their future together.

The Fremont Troll is a massive cement statue that sits right underneath the Fremont bridge! It was created by a collection of local artists to transform the underpass into something beautiful, rather than a place for clutter to collect. And the Volkswagen bug that the troll is holding is actually a real car sealed up under concrete! It makes you wonder why all underpasses don't have some cool and giant art to accompany it.

After some concrete climbing and getting the dresses tangled up in dust and branches it was time to head over to Gas Works Park for their elopement ceremony. It was a beautiful sunny summer day in Seattle and the sun was reflecting off the water, making the city in the distance look like a giant disco ball! We even caught a glimpse of the Space needle in the background.

Surrounded by just a handful of their closest family with their best friend officiating, Tara and Matilda declared their vows to each other. After the ceremony we worked our way down the hill to enjoy some gluten free cupcakes and drinks in the park! Their family and friends shortly departed and we had a few hours to capture even more amazing portraits together. Gas works was originally a gas lighting company opening in 1906, but it is now an incredible structure of rusted metal and pipes that make it another iconic Seattle gem!

But that's not all! We had one more location to hit in Seattle to round out the whole day. Just 15 minutes away from the lake we made it to the ocean! Golden Gardens at sunset is truly such an unforgettable site. The sun sets over the Cascade mountains and created an amazing silhouette with the orange and red clouds. They shared a few more moments of closeness together and relished in the full day of adventuring they had, while the sun dipped down.

It was important for the two that their day was not hindered by any timelines, venues, or typical wedding stress. The most important thing for them was to celebrate with their closest family and to have their love creatively documented to last a lifetime.

So if you're thinking of ditching the whole thing and eloping in Seattle then send an inquiry on over with some of the hidden gems you might want to visit on your wedding day!




Hello I'm Alesha! Your lgbtq+ wedding & elopement photographer based in Seattle, Washington. I'm here to bring a supportive, enthusiastic, and all around easy-going energy to your wedding day! Get to know me a little bit more to see if we're a good match.

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