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Washington Coast Rustic & Intimate Elopement

Madi and Taylor had their cozy and private elopement out on the coast of Washington in the quiet beach town of Tokeland. They read some sweet poems to each other on the beach, danced at the Tokeland Hotel, and had the most epic ceremony right next to the ocean.

While it may not be your typical beach getaway, it definitely should be after seeing these photos! This town is one of the sweetest and most beautiful places to visit in the summertime. And out on this coast Madi and Taylor were able to share their intimate ceremony with just a small handful of vendors and guests, so the day truly was just about celebrating their love, enjoying the small moments, and having a place to relax and be together.

Their elopement day started a little less traditional than most. They chose to spend the morning of their elopement together and had the chance to capture some slow, cozy, and serene moments before the day got busy. Sipping coffee on the beach, snuggled up on a picnic blanket, and listening to the ocean waves as they talked about what they were looking forward to the rest of the day. After this quiet morning together they each jumped into preparing for the ceremony and reception at the Tokeland Hotel.

Seriously take a look at this place! The Tokeland Hotel, settled among the Shoalwater Tribe, is one of the most uniquely rustic hotels I have ever had the chance to photograph.

Madi and Taylor immediately could feel at home here - despite the tales of this place being haunted - nothing but love surrounded this place. The old wood and beautifully crafted architecture made this place perfect as a backdrop for enjoying some of their little moments like dancing in the dining room and nibbling on their mini wedding cakes. Out in the gardens the clouds began to break and the sun lit up the rest of the property, we got to capture some cute and romantic moments under the arch and in the grassy fields between just the two of them.

The details from the day were absolutely stunning from their invitation cards to their small vow books, each item was simple and intentionally handcrafted. The invitation cards were designed to represent the Tokeland Coast with long stretches of beach, tall grass, and the old driftwood that’s been lying along coast for years.

Once our fun was over at the Tokeland Hotel it was time to start preparing for their elopement! Just a short drive down the windy beach roads, nestled in between some tall grass, Madi and Taylor cozied up with a blanket before their ceremony. Reading some sweet poems to each other and occasionally cracking some very bad “dad” jokes, Madi and Taylor eloped on the coast together. And immediately popped the champagne to celebrate all of the planning and love that had gone into the day. They then took off towards the water! After a long day they were happy to take it slow and just enjoy the little moments together without any interruption.

If you’d like more information on how to plan your Washington coast adventure then let’s get started!

The whole day could not have been possible without all of the support from our vendors:




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