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Wedding Vendors

Some of the vendors I trust to take your wedding to the next level!
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The Farm on Van Wyck - Bellingham Intimate Outdoor Venue

The Tokeland Hotel - Rustic hotel on the Washington Coast

Sadie Lake Events - Arlington Intimate outdoor Venue

St. Edwards Lodge - Kenmore Intimate outdoor & Indoor Venue

Dunn Gardens - Seattle Intimate outdoor garden venue

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Cards & Stationary

Wide Eyes Paper Co.  - Custom Wedding Stationery

Canva - DIY affordable card templates and invites

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Food & Catering

Tuxedos & Tennis Shoes - Seattle Hospitality and Catering

ShoobyDoo Catering - PNW Personalized Catering 

Stoneburner - Seattle Based Locally Sourced Catering

Plum Bistro - Seattle Based Vegan

Food Trucks - Find Local Food Trucks

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Dresses & Suites

A & Be Seattle Wedding Dresses Affordable Dresses & Suites

Kirrin Finch - Androgynous & Inclusive Suiting

Sharpe Suiting - Inclusive Custom Suites & Blazers

Bindle & KeepSuites for Every Body

DJ & Bands

Orion Entertainment Seattle Based DJ

Blue Waves Band - Seattle Live Band

Puget Sounds  - Seattle Based DJ

Baby Van Beezly - Seattle Based DJ


Event Cordination

Modern AislesSeattle Wedding Planning & Coordination

Aisle Less TraveledSeattle Wedding Planning & Coordination

Another One Ties The Knot - WA Wedding & Elopement Officiant

Sasha Summer - WA Wedding & Elopement Officiant

Functions & GatheringsSeattle Wedding Planning & Coordination


Makeup & Hair

Pacific Brides - Elopement/Wedding MUHA for the PNW 

Lovely Makeup Bremerton Based MUHA

LiSun Goh Beauty - Seattle Asian Wedding Makeup Artist

Arianna Scott - Seattle Based MUHA

Urbanista Wedding Seattle Based MUHA

Femme Stylist Seattle Based MUHA

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With These Rings - Custom Wedding Rings

Summers Event Rentals - Handmade Table & Bench Rentals

Pedersens - Seattle Rentals

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Are you a wedding vendor and want to be included?! Let's chat to see if you'd be perfect for my clients!

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