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The Best Photo Locations in Seattle

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Find some of the best locations in Seattle for engagements, couples, or portraits! There's something for everyone in this city...

No matter what you're looking for you can find it in Seattle! Cityscapes, uniquely-quirky bars, winding forest roads and trails, and of course iconic Seattle finds...pick something that fits your personality!

Seattle doesn't have to be just skyscrapers and the space needle. With a little exploring you can find so much more!

1. Downtown Seattle - Pike's Place Market

This might seem like an obvious one at first, but let me tell you after just an hour of exploring around Pike's Place market you can get such a variety of different cityscapes! Your adventures don't have to end at the Market. Work your way down to the water and side streets surrounded by trees and some of the cutest shops.

2. Leschi, Seattle - Leschi Park

This is (in my opinion) one of the BEST hidden gems in Seattle! You have winding roads, covered by miles of old forest growth and only a short distance to lake washington. Leschi Park is quiet, secluded, and gives the feeling of leaving the city and heading into another world! So if you're looking to find forest roads, but want to stay local then this is the place to explore.

3. Capitol Hill - The Unicorn

Typically known for being a local queer bar selling sticky and sweet drinks, it also can give you some really unique photos when the sun shines through the large glass windows! It's not just a good time at night, but also a fun adventure during the daytime when you can move around a little more freely instead of getting stacked on people going out for their weekend. There are so many great bars in Capitol hill, so do some of your own exploring!

4. Carkeek Park - North Seattle

If you want that PNW vibe just outside some of the busier parts of the city then head up north to Carkeek Park. This beach tends to be a little quieter than the more popular beaches like Discovery Park and Golden Gardens (although still amazing locations) yet it still offers your beautiful sunsets and rocky PNW beaches. Bring your coat, flannels and hats for a perfect Washington day on the water.

5. Mount Baker Beach, Seattle

Another hidden gem if you want to get close to the water, but not up for the business of seattle beaches, check out Mount Baker Beach on the Lake Washington waterfront. If you go for an early sunrise it is incredibly quiet, except for the early birds enjoying their morning bike ride or neighborhood run. The trees give coverage from the elements and the public dock gets you access to dip your toes into the cold water, if you're up for it. if you want beautiful, unique, and iconic spots for your next photo adventure you can find it all without leaving Seattle!




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