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Raining on Your Engagement? Discovery Park Engagements in the Seattle Rain.

One of the most common questions I get asked as a photographer is, "but what if it start to rain during our shoot?" And you are right this is always a possibility, especially in the PNW. Trying to plan your engagement around spring and fall it can feel like the most unpredictable time of the year, but you'd be surprised with how amazing photos can still turn out even in the rain! Which is why I always say, "Let's go for it!" There will always be a reason to want to push it to another day or why it doesn't feel right. But trust me you will still have an absolute BLAST even if it rains on your parade. You will walk away with stories and photos to show from the adventure!

Discovery Park features a little bit of everything without having to stray too far out of the city with unbeatable views of the Puget Sound, soft whispery green grass, and a rustic church to get cute and cuddly in front of. So whatever the weather has in store it is always incredible!

If you don't quite believe that rainy days can still be the best, check out Jill & Eric's + Nicole & Jenna's engagement sessions below.

Jill & Eric

Winter Engagement Session

Jenna & Nicole

Early Spring Engagement Session




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